Speakers and Tentative Schedule
To enable the envisioned discussion, we have gathered an excellent set of speakers and we also promote interactions with panel discussions and short presentations.

Efficiency in the aerial platforms (75 min) [8:30-9:45]
Chair: Anibal Ollero

  • Dario Floreano (EPFL, Switzerland). “Wing morphing for extended speed and
    distance range”, confirmed
  • Pauline Pounds (University of Queensland, Australia). “Making the Most of
    Rotors”, confirmed
  • Chiara Gabellieri and Antonio Franchi (University of Twente, The Netherlands).
    “Optimally control the tradeoff between maneuverability and power
    consumption in morphing omnidirectional multirotors”, confirmed
  • Begoña Arrue (University of Seville, Spain). “Soft multi-rotor systems”,

Energy sources (45 min) [9:45-10:30]
Chair: Pauline Pounds

  • Satyandra Gupta (USC, USA). “Multi-functional wings for harvesting solar
    energy during flapping wing flight”, confirmed
  • Mostafa Hassanalian (New Mexico Tech, USA). “Energy harvesting from the
    wind (soaring)”, confirmed
  • Nicholas RJ Lawrance (CSIRO, Australia). “Understanding the wind for safe and
    efficient flight”, confirmed

Coffee Break (30 min) [10:30-11:00]

Panel discussion: (30min) [11:00-11:30]
Chairs: Anibal Ollero and Pauline Pounds

Autonomous energy efficient operations (1) (45min) [11:30-12:15]
Chair: H. Jin Kim

  • Jack Zhu. “Skydio Dock: Fully-Autonomous UAV Systems At Scale”, confirmed
  • H. Jin Kim (Seoul National University, Korea), “Energy efficient operation of
    aerial manipulators”, confirmed
  • Martin Saska (Czech Technical University, Czech Republic), “Efficient Energy
    Management of Multi Robot Systems in Long Range Missions”, confirmed

Lunch break (75min) [12:15-13:30]

Autonomous energy efficient operations (2) (30min) [12:30-12:00]
Chair: H. Jin Kim

  • Jose Ignacio Rexach and Victoria Jing Xiang (Ehang). “Optimized Operations of
    Autonomous Aerial Vehicles through Efficient Electric Propulsion”, confirmed
  • Kostas Alexis (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norways).
    “Resilient and Energy Efficient Aerial Robotic Autonomy for Inspection within
    Confined and Sensor-degraded Environments”, confirmed

Panel discussion: (30min) [13:30-14:00]
Chair: H. Jin Kim

Contributed extended abstracts (90min) [14:00-15:30]
Chair: Giuseppe Loianno

Demonstrations [15:30-16:30]
Chair: Giuseppe Loianno

Meeting of the Technical Committee on Aerial Robotics and Unmanned Aerial
Vehicles [16:30-17:00]
Chair: Anibal Ollero


Anibal Ollero

GRVC Robotics Lab, University of Seville (Spain), Co-Chair IEEE TC Aerial Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Pauline Pounds

University of Queensland, Associate Professor, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (Australia).

Giuseppe Loianno

New York University (USA), Director of the Agile Robotics and Perception Lab.

H. Jin Kim

Seoul National University, Department of Aerospace Engineering and the Automation and Systems Research Institute (Korea).